Monday, October 3, 2016

Tomorrow | JNU TRCSS seminar on dialectic of nature

Hi Everybody

Please find the invitation for seminar on dialectic of nature on conclusion of part 1 of course Science in the Public Interest. We will have Dr Vikram Soni as key speaker and 3 more people will be co-initiators on each of the topic. The seminar will be open to all the questions related to topic from anyone.

Hope to see you all.

Himanshu | 8988103015 |

Venue- Room # 227, cssp, sss 1
Date: 4 October 2016
Time - 3.00 pm onwards

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  1. Himanshu,

    You, as well as Vikram Soni, may find it of interest to know that, if you do not know of this already, that another org. has just published, in May, a book on 'the dialectic of nature', entitled "The Historical Dialectic of Natural History as Total History". This book is volume three of a treatise whose overall title is "A Dialectical Theory of Everything -- Meta-Genealogies of Our Universe and of Its Sub^n-Universes." More about this new book can be gleaned from . Unfortunately, the initial edition has already sold out.