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Nelson Mandela: Reading The UNESCO Courier on Robben Island

Nelson Mandela: reading The Courier on Robben Island

Thirty years ago, on March 31 1982, prisoner number 466/64 of Robben Island was transferred to Pollsmoor maximum security prison (Cape Town), thus ending two decades of banishment to the worst outpost of the South African penal system. During these years, The UNESCO Courier brought regularly news and ideas from the five continents to Nelson Mandela.  In November 1983, The Courier published an issue on “Racism” with a portrait of Nelson Mandela on the cover and the slogan “Free Nelson Mandela, brave advocate of the rights of man”. Click here to read the article

Read our articles on Racism, Apartheid, South Africa


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21 March, World Poetry Day, 21 March - Poetry in The UNESCO Courier

To celebrate the World Poetry Day (21 March), The UNESCO Courier invites its readers to discover more than 100 articles on the world poetry, published over the last sixty years.


The articles are available on :



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Hunger-free India Essay Competition 2012 for College and University Students

Hunger-free India Essay Competition 2012 for College and University Students

"How Do You Think the Problem of Hunger Can be Solved"

Essay of 2000 words in Hindi or English to be sent to

Deadline: April 30, 2012

Further Details:

Workshop Travel writing with meaning by Janet Thomas at BIR, Kangra 23-25 March

March 23-25,2012

Travel writing with meaning

Janet Thomas

Wherever we go, we takes ourselves with us. Travel writing is about the inner journey, the outer landscape, the politics of place and people, and the ways in which we navigate through the mundane, the sublime and the terrifying. It is also an opportunity to wake up to the "other" in ways that can help heal the world. How do we write and travel at the same time? What's the difference between a travel blog and a travel book? How do we transform our personal journey into a universal experience?
"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." (Mark Twain) Good travel writing is too.

Janet Thomas was born in Wales and lived in Canada before she started writing poems and protesting the Vietnam War on the streets of Seattle in 1969. Throughout the 1970s she meditated and walked for peace with the Japanese Buddhist monks who moved to her neighborhood to protest the Bangor Nuclear Submarine Base. Her plays, written and produced throughout the 80s, explore the moral, spiritual & ethical complexities of abortion, sexual abuse, nuclear war, the war against the environment and between the sexes. She's written books about cheap travel throughout the west and been the editor of a magazine about spas around the world. Her book, "The Battle in Seattle" was inspired by the farmers from around the world who showed up on the streets of WTO Seattle. Her most recent book, "Day Breaks Over Dharamsala--A Memoir of Life Lost and Found," is an exploration of spiritual healing. She lives and teaches on San Juan Island in the far northwest corner of Washington State in the U.S.

Organizer & Registration:

Deer Park Institute
Bir, District Kangra,
Himachal Pradesh 176 077 India
Phone No: +91 - 1894 - 268 508

Office Hours:  Mon-Sat (9am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm)


In Your Shoes: an Indo-Norwegian Writing Competition 2012

In Your Shoes: an Indo-Norwegian Writing Competition


Fictional Writing Competition - Write yourself to Norway!

Write a text that takes place in Norway and win a trip to experience it your self!

Have you been thinking about how a life in another place can look like? How a day, a year, an hour in another context can appear? Now you got the chance to write yourself into another situation, empathise with the everyday life of another!


In Your Shoes is a fictional writing competition that takes place in India and in Norway.



The competition is open for everyone, and aims at collecting good texts that tell something about how ordinary and extraordinary people imagine Norway and the people that live there. The genre is free; you can write a story, an essay, a poem or other literary formats. The only criterion is that the text takes place in Norway. You can write about yourself, from inside someone else's head, about fictitious people and events, about nature, animals, sentiments. Write from inside or outside; you can choose to have a distance or to take a close approach. Write short or long – maximum five pages (approx. 10 000 signs, including spaces).


Use of the texts:

A selection of the texts will be chosen for publishing. In addition to this the texts will be used in relation to a research project at the University of Oslo. The theme of the project is our perceptions of the Other.



The first prize is a trip to Norway for 12 days, with food and lodging covered. The best ones among the other entries (12-15) will be published in a book where all texts will be translated and presented in Norwegian, Hindi and English. A corresponding writing competition is also announced in Norway, where the context of the texts is India. The winning entries will also be printed in Bokvennen Literary Magazine and Pratilipi Bilingual Literary Journal.



The entries will be read and judged by a  jury consisting of:

Jai Arjun Singh, Arundhati Subramaniam, Ashley Tellis, Alok Rai, Arshia Sattar, Ashok Vaipeyi, Palash Krishna Mehrotra



University of Oslo/ Bokvennen Literary Magazine/ Pratilipi Bilingual Literary Journal/ Sahitya Akademi/ The Caravan/ Norwegian Association for Literary Translation/ Norwegian Organization for Literature Abroad (NORLA)/ NyTid weekly newsmagazine/ Sangam House



Last submission date is Monday 18th of June 2012. 24.00.

Please send in electronically to:


Further Details:

CfP: Between global aspirations and local realities - India’s cities in interdisciplinary perspective; at SAA, JNU; 26-28 Mar

Between global aspirations and local realities - India's cities in interdisciplinary perspective

26-28 March 2012

Venue: Auditorium, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi

50 years jubilee conference of the South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University

With the rapid expansion of India's urban population, the environmental effects of India's largely unplanned cities are increasing, along with their cultural and political importance, and heir economic costs and potentials. Much urban research is concentrated on contemporary problems relating to infrastructure, planning, resource utilization and the like, in a rather compartmentalized fashion. However, to fully understand contemporary phenomena (and even more so suggestions toward their solution), historical depth and an understanding of the cultural dimensions of urbanization processes are equally important to the analysis of material challenges. This interdisciplinary conference aims at new, integrated approaches to urban research.

Panel Sessions
The conference is organised into six panel sessions:
Day 1
 Session 1: A Series of Historical Studies of two Megacities: Kolkata and Mumbai
 Session 2: Urban Environments
Day 2
 Session 3: Finance and Politics (covers the process of urbanisation in the context of the larger paradigms of 'development' and 'modernisation' and their impact on urban planning as well as (attempted) solutions to contemporary challenges).
 Session 4: Cities and their Hinterlands: The following session is dedicated to the (sometimes artificial) rural-urban dichotomy which these discourses have created, by looking at the connections between cities and 'hinterlands', and the way rural lifestyles and practices permeate and integrate into urban spaces and lifestyles.
Day 3
 Session 5: Imagining Urbanity (impact of globalizing urban cultures on contemporary Indian cities)
 Session 6: Imagining Urbanity (contd.)

Entry Open for Public after online registration at

Sunday, March 18, 2012

JNU ASC Lecture on Freedom of Media by Shri Kuldip Nayar, Today, 4:00pm at Convention Centre, JNU

Academic Staff College
is organising Prof. Amrik Singh Memorial Lecture
Freedom of Media
Shri Kuldip Nayar
(Eminent Journalist and Former Indian High Commissioner to U.K.)
on Moday March 19, 2012 at 4:00pm in the Convention Centre, JNU
Prof. Ashis Nandy (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) will be the Chief Guest
Prof. Mridula Mukherjee (Centre for Historical Studies, JNU) shall preside

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CfPs: 9th Asialics Conference 2012 "Innovation and Appropriate Technology for the Development and Inclusive Growth of Asian SMEs", 4-5 October 2012; Manila, Philippines

9th Asialics Conference 2012 "Innovation and Appropriate Technology for the Development and Inclusive Growth of Asian SMEs"

4-5 October 2012

Manila, Philippines

About ASIALICS (Asian Network for Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems)
ASIALICS is a network among scholars, practitioners and policymakers who are interested in a learning, innovation and competence building system in Asia. It has a cooperative relationship with the Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (GLOBELICS). ASIALICS aims to explore and develop the concept of learning, innovation and competence building as an analytical framework. The objective of ASIALICS is to stimulate the establishment of knowledge based strategies for economic development in Asia. The idea is to bring together interesting issues about what is going on in Asian countries and companies and to share experiences regarding methodology, analytical results and policies.
Asia has been a serious player not only in science, technology and innovation but also in linking different cultures of the world. This is in line with the ongoing Asia-wide cooperation schemes that emphasize knowledge and experiences sharing and joint efforts to promote knowledge-based and learning economies. To achieve this aspiration, a group of Asian scholars from Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Vietnam with strong support from GLOBELICS held the first international conference on Asian innovation systems in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2004. About 150 professionals who participated in the seminar agreed to organize the ASIALICS conference annually, publish a journal and book on Asian innovation systems and clusters, and explore possibilities of joint research and training in this field.
Following the first international conference in Bangkok, ASIALICS organized the second International Conference in April 2005 in Jeju Island, Korea. The Third international conference was held in Shanghai, China in April 2006, organized by Tongji University. The fourth international conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2007, organized by University of Malaya. The fifth international conference was held in Bangalore, India in April 2008, organized by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The 6th international conference was held in Hong Kong from 6-7 July 2009, organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The 7th international conference was organized by Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research (CIER) in Taipei, Taiwan in April 2010. The National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NIST-PASS) in Hanoi, Vietnam organized the 8th international conference in July 2011.

Call For Papers

Conference Objectives
Asialics International Conference seeks to explore is how innovation systems in Asia are linked to global innovation networks on the one hand, and how emerging interactions within and among innovation systems are shaping their performance on the other hand. The promotion of interactions among innovators – through university-industry linkages, global production chains, or in innovative clusters – is becoming a key priority for innovation policies. One area of particular interest is the interactions between research and technology organizations (RTO) and other innovation actors such as universities and industry. Specific objectives of the conference are as follows:
  • Assessing various policies, management strategies and future trends related to innovation at the regional, national and firm levels in Asia, especially in times of global political, economic and societal challenges, and their impacts on development and inclusive growth of Asian SMEs as a mechanism in enhancing the growth and sustainability of Asian economies
  • Enabling learning on policy and management strategies to take place across Asian countries
  • Extending the frontiers of academic research
  • Facilitating cross-border networking and research collaboration
  • Promoting the interchange of ideas among innovation policy and management research communities in Asia
  • Understanding the role of entrepreneurship education in the promotion of creative and innovative ways of thinking among the ASEAN youth

  • Global challenges and possibility of emergence of Asian Innovation System
  • Assessing various policies, management strategies, institutions and future trends related to innovation at the regional, national, city, and sectoral levels in Asia, in times of global and regional challenges especially the impacts of climate change
  • Comparative case studies of innovations at the firm level
  • Emerging Issues on Innovation Systems & Asia
  • Asian production/innovation networks
  • Roles of intellectual property right in innovation in Asia
  • University-industry linkages in Asian context
  • The roles of public research institutions on innovation in Asia
  • Economic, fiscal, and legislative policies that promote SME development and growth
Important Dates
March 31, 2012 Deadline for abstract submission
April 30, 2012 Notice of Abstract Acceptance
July 31, 2012 Full Paper Submission
August 31, 2012 Last day for Payment on Discounted Fees
Abstract Submission
Abstract not to exceed 500 words should be submitted through email at Kindly direct all inquiries to Dr. Aida Licaros Velasco, Asialics 2012 Conference Chair,;;

CfPs: 10th GLOBELICS International Conference "Innovation and Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Globalisation", 9-11 Nov 2012, China

The 10th GLOBELICS International Conference "Innovation and Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Globalisation"

9-11 November 2012

Venue: Zhejiang University (ZJU), China


Organized by: Zhejiang University (ZJU) and Tongji University (Tongji), China


The conference organizing committee invites submission of full papers by 31 May 2012. Papers are to be submitted via the website

The Tenth Globelics Conference will serve as a platform for interactive learning between scholars from the North, West, South and East, so as to enrich and enhance the quality of innovation studies in relation to development and growth in the context of globalization and accelerating pace of change. The 10th GLOBELICS International Conference will be organized around the following topics:

A. Inclusive innovation systems

1. Inclusive innovation systems and competence building in formal and informal economic activities

2. Innovation, gender and inclusive development

3. Regional inequality and inclusive development

4. Workplace learning, innovation and economic development

5. Agriculture Innovation

B. Innovation and Low-carbon Development

6. Innovation and renewable energy

7. Innovation, energy saving, sustainable consumption, and urban development

8. Innovative responses to climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges

9. Sustainability-oriented innovation systems and low carbon development

C. New Trends in Innovation and Technology Management

10. High tech industries and development: public policies and industrial transition

11. Management and governance of public innovation, relation between public and private innovation

12. Grass-root innovation and innovation management in developing countries

13. Innovation alliances and cooperation

D. Knowledge Management, Innovation Systems and Economic Development

14. Knowledge strategies and knowledge (ex) change in emerging countries

15. University-Industry cooperation

16. Innovation mapping, measure, and survey

17. Intellectual Property management, policy, and development

E. Innovation Internationalisation in emerging countries

18. MNCs in emerging countries and FDI from emerging countries

19. Global value chain and global innovation network

20. Globalisation and local development

21. China's role in competence building in Africa and other developing regions


The conference will mark the fact that this is the 10th Globelics conference with a lecture in honour of Cristopher Freeman. The lecture will be given by Carlota Perez, London School of Economics.

Both senior and junior scholars will be invited to participate and contribute with a paper to the conference. In particular, the active participation of young scholars (Ph.D.-students and scholars who have finished their Ph.D. within the last five years) from developing countries will be encouraged.

As has been the case for the earlier Globelics Conferences, high quality papers will be recommended to a number of leading journals in the field.

Acceptance of participation is based on are view by the Conference Scientific Committee upon novelty, academic quality and relevance to the themes of the conference, and accepted paper writers will be informed by 30 July, 2012.

Full papers must be submitted in English and should be written with Times New Roman font type size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Foreign words should be in italics. The length should not be more than 8,000 words (including tables, figures, notes, references and appendices) or 25 pages. The paper should include an abstract not exceeding 200 words, describing the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. The format of manuscript must follow the Author Guidelines of GLOBELICS Conference 2012.


Ph.D. students from developing countries may apply to the PhD students' paper competition. This competition is for Ph.D. students with their main institutional connection within a developing country; the papers have to be authored exclusively by the candidate (co-authored papers will be evaluated as regular submissions). Winners will receive a small grant to support their research and a diploma. In order to participate in this competition, full papers should be submitted 30 April, 2012, to

All participants whose papers have been accepted will be provided with local hospitality for three days (November 8-10). The delegates should be prepared to pay for all the other expenses in the hotel such as minibar, telephone, laundry, etc. and outside such as the city tour and other social events.

The Globelics Board is trying to mobilize resources for providing travel support for paper presenters from developing countries. More information on how to apply will be made available at the conference website in due time.

Relevant Dates for Authors
Deadline for submission of full papers (PhD students' paper): 30 April, 2012

Deadline for submission of full papers: 31 May 2012
Letter of acceptance to Authors: 30 July, 2012


Further Details

Monday, March 12, 2012

Call for Applications: 8th Ph.D. School on Innovation and Economic Development: Globelics Academy 2012

8th Ph.D. School on Innovation and Economic Development: Globelics Academy 2012

20-31 August, 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Call for Applications
The aim of the Globelics Academy Ph.D. School is to support the training of Ph.D. students from different parts of the world who are writing dissertations on issues related with innovation systems. The Academy brings together frontier researchers in innovation with Ph.D. students from developing countries in order to inspire and qualify their work as well as to help them to join high quality research networks in their field of research. The 2012 Globelics Academy Ph.D. School is organized by Redesist/ Economics Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IE/UFRJ) and will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Abstracts should be sent, before the 31st of March 2012, to the Local Secretariat Office, e-mail:
The Globelics Academy aims at improving students' ability to undertake theoretically informed and policy-relevant empirical work on issues related with innovation in firms and societies, and its relationship with economic development. To qualify for participation, the Ph.D. student should fulfill the following requirements:
* be at least in the beginning of his/her second year;
* work explicitly on issues related to innovation and development;
* be able to present an original paper associated with his/her doctoral work.

Participants will be selected on the basis of a general call for Abstracts. Selection aims at promoting diversity among participants, making sure that students from Africa, Asia and Latin America are represented, together with some European students. The candidates from each geographical origin with the best CVs and the most promising research proposals will be selected.

The Ph.D. training will be based on scholarly lectures as well as presentations from the Ph.D. students. Student presentations are expected to focus explicitly on their on-going research, its methodological challenges and contribution to the advancement of knowledge on innovation. Confirmed lecturers for 2012 include: Bengt-Ake L√ľndvall, Franco Malerba, Judith Sutz, Gabriela Dutr√©nit, Jose Cassiolato, Sunil Mani and Shulin Gu.

Meals will be provided by the Local Organization. Expenses with accommodation and travel for student participants may be covered by the Local Organization, depending on sponsorship. Funding will be awarded selectively on the basis of applications – students must specify in their application whether they will require funding, providing an estimate of the amount required for travel expenses. As available funds cannot cover all students' expenses, applicants are encouraged to raise their own funding.

Relevant dates for participants
Deadline for abstracts: 31 March, 2012
Deadline for letter of acceptance for students: 01 May, 2012
Deadline for full papers: 15 June, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

CfPs:: International Conference on Public Policy and Governance, 4-6 Sep 2012 at IISc, Bangalore

International Conference on Public Policy and Governance

4-6 Septmeber, 2012

IISc, Bangalore, India


Research papers related to theme of 'Science, Technology and Society' are specially welcome.

(science policy, technology policy, science education, life sciences and health; cloning and genetics, society and science communication, stem cell research, arguments and perspectives, evaluating science in society, telecommunication, co-dependence, culture and influences, economics and funding, application, analysis and similar topics).


All science, technology and society submissions have a waiver on the registration fee and will be provided free accommodation for presentation during the three days of conference.


Last Date for Abstract Submission: 30 March 2012


Call for Papers

The International Conference on Public Policy and Governance (PPG 2012) aims to provide a forum for researchers in the areas of management, economics, sociology, political economy, political science, program implementation, program evaluation, policy analysis and public management, to discuss the role of social policy in development. We invite contributions in the form of research articles and case studies, under the following themes.

  • Economy, Trade, and Agriculture (Economic development, informal economy, informal entrepreneurship, fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade and foreign relations, employment, income, industry and industrial development, labour, tax reforms, productivity, private investment, land management, use of technology, economics, market interventions, agriculture policy, and similar topics.)
  • Public Institutions, Governance and Social Accountability (Public institutions reforms, effectiveness, outcomes, Urban Policy & Planning public private partnership, management, public participation, public engagement, empowerment, development effectiveness, managing public resources, public expenditure and similar topics.)
  • Science, Technology, and Society (Science education, life sciences and health; cloning and genetics, society and science communication, stem cell research, arguments and perspectives, evaluating science in society, Telecommunication, co dependence, culture and influences, economics and funding, application, analysis and similar topics.)
  • Public Infrastructure, Health, Education and Housing (Public private partnership, private funds, water, transport, implementation of health care, child welfare, women and health, aging, safety net in health evaluation, service delivery, education policy, affordability education, service and delivery, housing needs, rural infrastructure and services and similar topics.)
  • Energy and Environment (WRI is the lead track coordinator) (Global warming, recycling, local actions, industry trends, renewable energy, energy needs, planning, regulatory interventions, technologies, application, analysis and similar topics.)
  • Poverty and Population (Income, population characteristics, policy implementation, aging, race and ethnicity, immigration, diversity, political economy, elections, electoral influence, voting behaviour, effects of partisanship, public opinion, civil and human rights, freedom of speech, accountability and similar topics.)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Business conduct, workplace and employees, corporate environment responsibility, social performance, waste management, community based innovations, equal opportunity, and similar topics.)


Paper Submission

Extended abstracts of up to 600 words has to be submitted first by 30 March 2012. Upon review of these abstracts you will be notified about the acceptance of your paper by 15 April 2012. Extended abstracts and full papers can be submitted at Detailed instructions for the preparation of your paper abstract and full paper along with online submission instructions can be found at the conference website



Only the full papers submitted by 15-May-2012 will be considered for publication in the following journals:

  • Journal of Economic Policy Reform
  • International Journal of Social Economics
  • Journal of Asian Public Policy
  • Poverty and Public Policy
  • IPE Journal of Economic Policy & Research


Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission 30 March 2012
  • Abstract Acceptance 15 April 2012

  • Last date for full paper Submission 30 May 2012 (to be considered for publication)
  • Registration 1 May 2012 onwards


For inquiries please write to:


Further Details