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In Your Shoes: an Indo-Norwegian Writing Competition 2012

In Your Shoes: an Indo-Norwegian Writing Competition


Fictional Writing Competition - Write yourself to Norway!

Write a text that takes place in Norway and win a trip to experience it your self!

Have you been thinking about how a life in another place can look like? How a day, a year, an hour in another context can appear? Now you got the chance to write yourself into another situation, empathise with the everyday life of another!


In Your Shoes is a fictional writing competition that takes place in India and in Norway.



The competition is open for everyone, and aims at collecting good texts that tell something about how ordinary and extraordinary people imagine Norway and the people that live there. The genre is free; you can write a story, an essay, a poem or other literary formats. The only criterion is that the text takes place in Norway. You can write about yourself, from inside someone else's head, about fictitious people and events, about nature, animals, sentiments. Write from inside or outside; you can choose to have a distance or to take a close approach. Write short or long – maximum five pages (approx. 10 000 signs, including spaces).


Use of the texts:

A selection of the texts will be chosen for publishing. In addition to this the texts will be used in relation to a research project at the University of Oslo. The theme of the project is our perceptions of the Other.



The first prize is a trip to Norway for 12 days, with food and lodging covered. The best ones among the other entries (12-15) will be published in a book where all texts will be translated and presented in Norwegian, Hindi and English. A corresponding writing competition is also announced in Norway, where the context of the texts is India. The winning entries will also be printed in Bokvennen Literary Magazine and Pratilipi Bilingual Literary Journal.



The entries will be read and judged by a  jury consisting of:

Jai Arjun Singh, Arundhati Subramaniam, Ashley Tellis, Alok Rai, Arshia Sattar, Ashok Vaipeyi, Palash Krishna Mehrotra



University of Oslo/ Bokvennen Literary Magazine/ Pratilipi Bilingual Literary Journal/ Sahitya Akademi/ The Caravan/ Norwegian Association for Literary Translation/ Norwegian Organization for Literature Abroad (NORLA)/ NyTid weekly newsmagazine/ Sangam House



Last submission date is Monday 18th of June 2012. 24.00.

Please send in electronically to:


Further Details:

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