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CfPs: 10th GLOBELICS International Conference "Innovation and Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Globalisation", 9-11 Nov 2012, China

The 10th GLOBELICS International Conference "Innovation and Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Globalisation"

9-11 November 2012

Venue: Zhejiang University (ZJU), China


Organized by: Zhejiang University (ZJU) and Tongji University (Tongji), China


The conference organizing committee invites submission of full papers by 31 May 2012. Papers are to be submitted via the website http://www.som.zju.edu.cn/niim/globelics.

The Tenth Globelics Conference will serve as a platform for interactive learning between scholars from the North, West, South and East, so as to enrich and enhance the quality of innovation studies in relation to development and growth in the context of globalization and accelerating pace of change. The 10th GLOBELICS International Conference will be organized around the following topics:

A. Inclusive innovation systems

1. Inclusive innovation systems and competence building in formal and informal economic activities

2. Innovation, gender and inclusive development

3. Regional inequality and inclusive development

4. Workplace learning, innovation and economic development

5. Agriculture Innovation

B. Innovation and Low-carbon Development

6. Innovation and renewable energy

7. Innovation, energy saving, sustainable consumption, and urban development

8. Innovative responses to climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges

9. Sustainability-oriented innovation systems and low carbon development

C. New Trends in Innovation and Technology Management

10. High tech industries and development: public policies and industrial transition

11. Management and governance of public innovation, relation between public and private innovation

12. Grass-root innovation and innovation management in developing countries

13. Innovation alliances and cooperation

D. Knowledge Management, Innovation Systems and Economic Development

14. Knowledge strategies and knowledge (ex) change in emerging countries

15. University-Industry cooperation

16. Innovation mapping, measure, and survey

17. Intellectual Property management, policy, and development

E. Innovation Internationalisation in emerging countries

18. MNCs in emerging countries and FDI from emerging countries

19. Global value chain and global innovation network

20. Globalisation and local development

21. China's role in competence building in Africa and other developing regions


The conference will mark the fact that this is the 10th Globelics conference with a lecture in honour of Cristopher Freeman. The lecture will be given by Carlota Perez, London School of Economics.

Both senior and junior scholars will be invited to participate and contribute with a paper to the conference. In particular, the active participation of young scholars (Ph.D.-students and scholars who have finished their Ph.D. within the last five years) from developing countries will be encouraged.

As has been the case for the earlier Globelics Conferences, high quality papers will be recommended to a number of leading journals in the field.

Acceptance of participation is based on are view by the Conference Scientific Committee upon novelty, academic quality and relevance to the themes of the conference, and accepted paper writers will be informed by 30 July, 2012.

Full papers must be submitted in English and should be written with Times New Roman font type size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Foreign words should be in italics. The length should not be more than 8,000 words (including tables, figures, notes, references and appendices) or 25 pages. The paper should include an abstract not exceeding 200 words, describing the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. The format of manuscript must follow the Author Guidelines of GLOBELICS Conference 2012.


Ph.D. students from developing countries may apply to the PhD students' paper competition. This competition is for Ph.D. students with their main institutional connection within a developing country; the papers have to be authored exclusively by the candidate (co-authored papers will be evaluated as regular submissions). Winners will receive a small grant to support their research and a diploma. In order to participate in this competition, full papers should be submitted 30 April, 2012, to www.som.zju.edu.cn/niim/globelics.

All participants whose papers have been accepted will be provided with local hospitality for three days (November 8-10). The delegates should be prepared to pay for all the other expenses in the hotel such as minibar, telephone, laundry, etc. and outside such as the city tour and other social events.

The Globelics Board is trying to mobilize resources for providing travel support for paper presenters from developing countries. More information on how to apply will be made available at the conference website in due time.

Relevant Dates for Authors
Deadline for submission of full papers (PhD students' paper): 30 April, 2012

Deadline for submission of full papers: 31 May 2012
Letter of acceptance to Authors: 30 July, 2012


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