Monday, November 30, 2015

JNU Talk "The Euro, the Crisis and the Future of the European Union" by Prof Michael Heinrich | 2nd December

PC Joshi Archives on Contemporary History

School of Social Sciences, JNU and


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, South Asia - INSAF


Invite you to a lecture on


The Euro, the Crisis and the Future of the European Union



Prof. Michael Heinrich

University of Applied Sciences, Berlin


Wednesday  2nd December 2015     3.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room, Ground Floor, School of Social Sciences I.


Prof. Michael Heinrich teaches Economics in University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and is Managing Editor of PROKLA: Journal for Critical Social Science.

The Lecture will focus on the banking crisis of 2008 overcome by an enormous intervention of the European states. The consequence was a state debt crisis. However this state debt crisis hit the members of the EU in rather different ways and degrees. Especially the southern member states, Portugal, Spain and especially Greece had and have huge problems, while Germany is the clear winner of the crisis. This unequal situation creates the biggest challenge the EU ever saw.

Tea at 4.30 pm

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