Monday, December 21, 2015

New Books "Technology Management and Innovation: Make in India, IPR, Digital India and Skill India" and "Environmental Laws in India: New Testaments" | by Pawan Sikka

Technology Management and Innovation: Make in India, IPR, Digital India and Skill India
by Pawan Sikka; Uppal Publishing, New Delhi, 2015, ISBN: 9788176580878.
Book Summary:
The Government of India is the chief patron for the promotion and development of science & technology and innovation in the country. The national support system in India for the management of technology and innovation related activities towards nation building comprises: national policy framework for science, technology and innovation, development of indigenous technology and its commercialization, skill development and technical manpower for managing new technologies, technology financing, patent (IPR) facilitating etc. are all covered in this book for the benefit of techno-entrepreneurs towards attaining their technological competence in the domestic as well as in the world-market. New initiatives of the government of India, like: Make in India, Skill India and Digital India will catalyze investments, employment and financial inclusion. It also incorporates India's national policies viz. Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy 2013, National IPR Policy 2015 (draft), National Skill Development Policy 2009, National Manufacturing Policy 2011, and National Policy on Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015. It is a first book of its kind. A very useful reference book for the techno-entrepreneurs, students of MBA and BTech degrees, academicians of technical and management schools, policy-planners, researchers, management and technical establishments, enterprising youths, industrial experts, etc. for carrying out the techno-vation programmes in challenging new and upcoming technologies for the building of modern India of the 21st century. Technology management will enable us to create a better future for us.

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Environmental Laws in India: New Testaments
by Pawan Sikka; Uppal Publishing, New Delhi, 2015, ISBN: 9788176580861.
Book Summary: The Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, Government of India, as a nodal agency, is overseeing the implementation of India's environment and Forest policies and programmes, well supported by a set of legislative and regulatory measures, aimed at the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment. These are: National Environment Policy 2006; National Green Tribunal Act 2010; National Forest Policy 1988, a Policy Statement on the Abatement of Pollution 1992; Natural Conservation Strategy and Policy Statement for Environment and Development 1997. Besides, National Water Policy 2002; National Agriculture Policy 2000; Environment Protection Act 1986, etc. The original texts of these new testaments as national policy declarations and programmes etc. enabling sustainable development are incorporated here, as an academic exercise, for the benefit of researchers, policy-planners, civil servants, legal personnel, academicians, etc. Besides, this book, Environmental Laws in India: New Testaments, enabling sustainable development would be a very useful reference document for the libraries in India and abroad.
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About the Author: Dr. Pawan Sikka (b. 1944) is a former Scientist G/Adviser, Government of India, Ministry/Department of Science and Technology, India, where he served in various senior positions, during 1974-2004. Besides he had his fruitful association with Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) and Technology Development Board, New Delhi, respectively. He has received his M.Sc., PhD as well as D.Sc. degrees in Physics and Visiting Fellowship (Science Policy Studies), University of Oxford, United Kingdom. He is also a recipient of UNESCO, Italian, German and Swiss government scholarships for pursuing further studies there, in the new and emerging fields of science and technology. Professor Pawan Sikka, in the recent past, has delivered special lectures on the science and technology policy related issues, to the M.Phil. and PhD students, at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. He is best known for his contributions to science and technology policy studies in India and abroad. He is a life member of the Materials Research Society of India, Semiconductor Society of India, Association of British Scholars, and Oxford and Cambridge Society of India, New Delhi.

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