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Research Training Course in Women's Studies: Concepts and Debates; at CWDS Delhi; 01 Nov - 09 Dec 2011

Centre for Women's Development Studies, Delhi

announces a Six Week Certificate Course

   Research Training Course in
Women's Studies: Concepts and Debates
(Sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research)

(Eligibility: A Master's Degree in the Social Sciences/ Humanities
or Mass Communication)
(Only students studying in Indian Universities can apply)


Proposed Schedule:

           Course Duration

:   1st November, 2011 to 9th December, 2011

           Timing :  10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

:   Centre for Women's Development Studies


Online Submission for the Women's Studies Course
Download Application Form

Last date for submitting application: 5th October, 2011


Course Fee: Rs.2000/- (for Teachers); Rs.1000/- (for Fellowship holders); Rs.500/- (for Students/ others without Fellowship)
(Fee is payable by selected candidates only at the time of Registration)



*Note: Selected outstation candidates will receive accommodation in Delhi and AC III Tier Train Fare

Queries may be addressed to: /


Introduction and Rationale for the Proposed Course:

The Centre for Women's Development Studies is proposing to conduct an intensive six week research training programme for students, researchers and teachers who are interested in developing  research agendas on women and gender issues in the social sciences.   This course seeks to provide participants with the main theoretical and conceptual, as well as methodological issues in women's studies.    It is oriented towards the research questions that emerge from the inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary concerns and debates that characterise the field. 

Structure of the Course:

The course will be structured around interactive sessions with CWDS and guest faculty, library consultation, assignments and preparation of a research proposal.

The course follows a cluster approach, and is structured around 10 thematic clusters or units.  Each of these clusters consists of a number of interactive sessions, library work and assignments to students, who will make presentations on the theme at the end of each cluster.  At an early stage of the course each student will identify his or her area of interest and begin working on a research proposal.  At the end of the course, each student will make a presentation of their proposal to the entire group and receive critical feedback.

The course will be conducted over a period of six weeks, five days each week (with the exception of holidays).  Each day will consist of at least two interactive sessions with the concerned faculty, in the morning and afternoon, including library consultation and reading.

The broad themes of the course are as follows:

I.          Introduction to Women's Studies in the Social Sciences and Humanities:  Questions of disciplines, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.  Women's studies and the Women's Movement.

II.         History – its significance and criticality for gender and feminism.

III.        Concepts in Women's Studies:  Patriarchy, Gender, Sexuality, Femininity and Masculinity, Feminism, and so on.

IV.        State, Citizenship and Rights:

V.         Development:

VI.        Labour, Class and Gender

VII.       Culture and Representation

VIII.      Caste, Community, Family

IX.        Law, Justice, Equality

X.         Health and Disability

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