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CfP: PSBT Open Frame 2011 - Intensive Workshops on Filmmaking

PSBT Open Frame 2011 - Intensive Workshops on Filmmaking

14-17 September 2011

Organized by Public Service Broadcasting Trust, New Delhi

at IHC, New Delhi

The Workshops are open to all those who have some background in formal/ informal filmmaking or training in filmmaking. We especially encourage first time and starting our filmmakers to apply. The Workshops will also be extremely helpful to those who aim to research, write, shoot and edit their own films.

The Workshops will take participants through the fundamental elements of the filmmaking process – planning and structuring the documentary, its aesthetics and technical requirements, research, script, camera, sound and editing - processes they may undertake themselves or delegate to specialists. The Workshops will equip them with an understanding of these significant stages, conceptual and technical clarity and learning how to transform ideas into films. It will sensitise them on how to work with their team/ crew to deliver the film they conceptualise and imagine.

Participants will be required to attend all the four modules of the Workshops and cannot register for/ attend select Workshops.

There will be a registration fee of Rs 2,500/- to cover part of the expenses towards organising the event, to be paid via cheque, within a week of hearing about selection. We can accommodate a small number of participants only, so please register at the earliest.

If you wish to attend the Workshops, please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM available below and email it to

Participants from outside Delhi will need to make their own travel, board and lodging arrangements. Lunch will be served at the Workshops. Application Forms should reach us, latest by 20 August 2011. PSBT's selection of participants will be final and binding.


09:30 AM – 05:00 PM, 14 SEPTEMBER
In documentary films, a director also needs to be a writer – but someone who writes with film, not words. This Workshop will discuss approaches to structuring and planning a documentary with the idea of an evolving, rather than a fixed script, as suits the documentary purpose best; approaches to form in documentary; and share some possible ways in which to work so that the documentary does not end up being illustrated research but rather a composite, creative work exploring complex experiences and questions with clarity. We will touch on the different ways the script evolves through the stages of research, planning, production and post-production.

09:30 AM – 05:00 PM, 15 SEPTEMBER
The Workshop will focus on the aesthetics of documentary and how technical choices can affect and facilitate different languages of filmmaking. It will be profusely illustrated by short films and clips from various documentaries made in different genres, to highlight the various styles and approaches possible. Other than short films and clips from documentaries of different genres shot on different formats and a discussion on these, the sessions will include a discussion on the features of a camera, its analogy to the human eye and how its conscious use affects image making, illustrated by film clips; different camera formats and how one should choose one's kit for shooting a particular film; working with DSLRs and the protocols of tapeless media video production; screening of select rushes from a documentary, preferably a student film, and talk about the choices that can make the material more or less effective.

09:30 AM – 05:00 PM, 16 SEPTEMBER
The Workshop will address questions and concerns ranging from the need for a sound person on a documentary shoot, the need for communication between the filmmaker and the sound person and the importance of SFX, to specific issues such as the problems of microphones on camera set ups, the use of radio microphones, the range of microphones available, elements of a standard sound chain and role of each item in the chain. There will also be demonstrations for first-hand experience and responding to specific queries raised by the participants.

09:30 AM – 05:00 PM, 17 SEPTEMBER
The Workshop will discuss and attempt a better understanding on how time and space interact in cinema and create a completely unique experience. It will through illustrations and clips establish how the art of editing is actually the most central process of filmmaking.

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Application Forms should reach PSBT latest by 20 August 2011.

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